Nov. 14th, 2011

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Seriously, I might have to just start a bloggish thing somewhere else to avoid clogging up my admittedly barely-used LJ with all this Homestuck stuff.

Anyway, seeing as I finally had reliable internet today, I could see the comic from 11/11/11 onward. So I did, and let things percolate in my brain and mind, and let the thoughts go for a while.

...what? Skyrim's the big 11/11/11 thing? No, I don't think so. I don't plan to pay that kind of money for a game again unless it lasts me at least as long as Morrowind did. And by that measure, I didn't get my money's worth out of Oblivion, even though I'd gotten all the DLC for for (effectively) free. From the looks of things, I don't think Skyrim will hold up to my expectations.

...wait, it's a sort of war memorial remembrance day? Why haven't I heard about this before now, then?

I'm starting to think there's a lot of crap several different people are trying to shovel out. I shall research things, and find out what's the crap and what's the not-crap.

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