Feb. 6th, 2013

sparksol: (ZAP!)
My mother asked me to get her some new oven knobs, as the writing on the ones she has has worn down enough to be effectively invisible. I took one with me so I'd get one that would fit, not having checked first (and thus would have known that most of the available ones would fit.)

Two stores have some. Store one has a complete set for $25. Store 2 has a set for $18, and also sells individual knobs for $6.

This isn't high-impact fancy plastic, it's cheap knobs for an oven.

I take another look at the one I've got with me. Other than being nasty with years of caked-on oils/grease/yechhy stuff on it (seriously? Does no one wash these things?) it's in fine condition.

So I buy a silver-colored sharpie marker, wash and clean the things, spend about fifteen minutes with a magnifying glass to see where the numbers and "off" markings had been, and write the info back on.

Total costs: I probably spent $6 in gas driving around, and another dollar on the marker. So, saved about $11...unless we start accounting for time, with which I'm not going to bother for this one.

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