May. 11th, 2013

sparksol: (Rune)
...that friggin' hypocritical over-reacting gamer-friend.

Any campaign - heck, any given session - where he gets too bored, he has no qualms with acting out, distracting everyone with all manner of in-character nonsense, from disrupting the events at hand all the way up to screwing over the campaign or the setting. This includes his own campaigns if it's a dual-GM thing and he's not actively GMing at the time. (He usually finds a way for things to continue for a while, unless it was at the end of what he had planned anyway.)

But if anyone else so much as points out to him ways that someone might be able to do something he doesn't like the idea of in his game that he's running, he gets angry and demands proof you can do it. And if you actually find any, he blows his top because he doesn't like rules not working the way he thinks they should.

He does this even if the person brought it up to suggest a fix for it or restrict or ban the problem rules. And if someone actually meant to cause trouble in his campaign? Best hope the game isn't going on at his place, or that he's your ride home.

I got lucky, I got to point out four different things in Pathfinder he had no idea were dangerously broken.

I wonder if I'll be gaming there ever again.

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