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In my late teens, somehow or other I developed an allergy to many varieties of vegetable matter. Fairly mild stuff, a bit of airway restriction mostly and itching all over my head, and only when I ate the unprocessed stuff. Apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli, spinach, you name it, I probably couldn't eat it.

The processed type, I could usually eat. Apple juice, sure. Banana chips. Canned spinach (it's been in the cans and is so soaked it's almost like eating lawn clippings with poor flavor.) Apple pie, if the apples were overdone.

Some say it was the pesticides, others blame pectin. Every few months, I'll try a bit of one variety or another and see how it goes. The allergy has never been close to life-threatening, so I take my chances because my odds have been good.

A couple weekends ago, I tried an apple slice for the first time in...about eight months, I think. It was so unbelievably tasty and juicy my mouth was unprepared for it. I didn't even care about the upcoming allergic reaction, it was worth it.

Best part: the allergic reaction didn't happen.

In the last two weeks, I have now tried a few different different types of apples - which would have amazed me last time I could freely eat apples. Back then, I only knew about two kinds of apples: red and green.

I've now tried Granny Smith (very tart, not my thing most of the time,) Fuji (these things are made almost entirely of tasty,) Red Delicious (there's flavor in the skin, but otherwise not very delicious,) Golden Delicious (is quite delicious,) and Braeburn (kind of dry compared to the others, and somehow very hard when cutting or biting into it, yet get mushy almost immediately when chewed. Not bad flavor.)

I've kept my eye on other names in the grocery stores for more to try. On my list are Pink Lady, Gala, Opal, Pink Princess, and Royal Gala. Mostly because they're what I've seen at the nearby markets.

In a couple more weeks, I'll try oranges again. How will it go? Don't care, I've got 16 years of no apples to catch up on.
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