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It's been a while since I've posted anything here. It's also been a while since I've caught up on the Homestuck comic. (Years, on that one. I think. Certainly a few thousands of pages.)

Seems like every few pages, every few dozen maybe, something happens that is so over-the-top insane (in my favorite style of insane!) that it blows the last crazy thing they did out of the everything else.

And I'm barely halfway through the archives, if the pagecount means anything.

As I type this, I'm listening to a sequence where the Sburb game is being loaded for the second time. By Rose and Dave, I think. (Took a while to load, or I'd be watching it. I can only imagine how far awesome it'll be by the time I reach today's comic.)

Edit minutes later: Yep. Mind blown by that sequence. If I'm missing plotholes, they're pretty well hidden, methinks. Things fitting together scary impressive.
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I seem to be moving towards a nocturnal lifestyle again. As though I didn't have enough trouble finding steady paying work.
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Broke out the gamecube this weekend to play through Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess since I never played it and managed to borrow it from a friend. Then found out that between last month's playthrough of Baten Kaitos and now, the Gamecube has stopped working.

Power comes on, but no menu, and the disc doesn't spin in there. Time to A: check ebay for GCs under $30 and B: get some tools and take this 'Cube apart and see if I can find anything useful.

EDIT: On a side note, I wish all my problems were this small.


Aug. 7th, 2010 10:49 pm
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A newish computer is had now, and with my old computer dying my old game controller must be retired, as it has no available connection to this new thing here. Maybe I could take up more electronics workings and attempt to consolidate this modified playstation controller (with just the right shade of green LED) from a printer port connection to a usb...but it'll take a while and some practice.
Maybe I should wait to worry about it until after I've got some of the emulation games back in there.


Jun. 25th, 2010 04:09 pm
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Home computer now on the spaz. I don't think it's a regular virus, and all the hardware is still in good shape (so far as I can tell) so as soon as it stays on long enough to let me load in some other malware checkers, I'll know if I can save it or wipe the drive and start over.
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I keep coming to realizations I'm fairly certain I've realized before. Could be déjà vu, could be a poor memory, or other things.

This particular one goes like this:

I don't have a life, as most people I deal with understand it or care.
I have several lives. About half of them are online, and the rest on various other fictional worlds; each of which is only tangentially related to this one because of the connecting point of Me in the local meatspace.

None of this particularly bothers me.

I don't care about this life, except insofar as it allows me to continue the other ones I have. This will bother some people...or it would, if I let it be generally known. I'll let them know if they ask, but I won't be broadcasting the information (other than here, anyway) to everyone around me.
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Seriously, I slept for about 16 hours. Slept right through my alarm clock, my phone ringing three times, and a flatulent dog passing gas in my room. I don't feel sick, but something is not right.


Feb. 7th, 2010 08:58 pm
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Friday morning, I had an unsettlingly realistic dream (the more realistic, the more uncomfortable a dream makes me) that was also a bit horrifying on a personal level. I was getting home from work and meeting a few friends to start gaming soon, but while I was drinking some water after getting in, I noticed the water left in the cup was reddish. I rinsed it and filled it again with clear water, and drank some more, and more of it was red when I was done. The third cup I poured into my mouth, then spat it out into the sink, and all of it was entirely blood red. I didn't even have the strength left to say "call 911" before everything went black.

Friday day consisted of helping an insult-class friend move. Friday night's dream involved driving (all my best anxiety-themed dreams involve driving) and snow piling up everywhere, including inside the car. Also my shoes kept falling off.

Moving completion took until Saturday, around 2pm. Then there was gaming. (This sessions adventure will be related in a separate post.) After gaming, our hosts handed us all some excess food they have, as the father of the lady of the house (a term which, in this particular case, I use without sarcasm) works at a grocery store and gives them lots of excess food that will likely soon go bad. Several boxes of pre-cooked bacon, no heating or refrigeration required! (Fred Cruller, eat your heart out.)

Sunday consisted of me, stuck at my sister's superbowl party with no way to escape other than walking thirty or so miles on foot, and no place to go even if I had a more efficient way to get anywhere. Just me, my sister (whose back problems from last week should really have her in the hospital,) her three children (Mr. Blank Stare, "I-think-I'm-so-sneaky", and Little Miss Princess Butt,) my parents (the willing subjects of the previous Three), and four or five of my sister's friends (none of whom I know by name or face...nor have I any desire to memorize them after meeting them.)

I spent Sunday in a closed-off room with a laptop alternating between playing Spelunky and Iji. Because they were less painful and irritating than my relatives.
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The GM for this based the campaign loosely on Dragon Age (which, out of our group, only he and one other of our party have played) and our team consists of three:
who can be found below the cut )
Our first mission for the grays was to clear out some cave which supposedly held minor foes. How this went will be written up later.
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Had a dream the other day, I don't remember much of the specifics. Something about a species that starts out humanoid, but through a combination of psionics and bioengineering combines with certain other species (as chosen by the individual as they age) and eventually becomes rather non-humanoid.

Anyway. In the dream, some sort of interstellar future-like thing, I got involved with a group of humans who had picked up/learned the psionics (made possible due to some kind of peculiar radiation in that planetary system, and only that system) and I elected to try out the merging thing. Except it was chosen that a squirrel-like thing was to be attached to my arm. After a few minutes, the squirrel jumped onto my forearm, and the arteries and veins in my arm started turning very visibly purple going up to the shoulder and down to the hand. And it HURT.
I don't typically feel actual pain in my dreams* but this really hurt, like a combination of A: my arm being on fire; B: scratching my arm lightly all over and then pouring rubbing alcohol on it; and C: like going from totally numb due to lack of circulation to full feeling in seconds.
This feeling didn't wake me up but kept going for quite a while.

Anyway, the dream went on (something about a small scale war between them and humans and traitors and suspicion of humans who'd attempted or made several of these merges, blah blah blah. Inconclusive dream)but when I woke up what really made me wonder was the pain in my arm while I slept.

*Except the ones that induced actual physical action while I slept; such as the ones where I dreamed someone was strangling me, and I clawed at their arms as they gripped tighter only to wake up to me clawing at my own throat.**

**Just one reason I take the saying "You are your own worst enemy" quite literally.


Sep. 29th, 2009 11:38 am
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New computer parts should be arriving this week, so I can see how much I remember about building a computer from scratch. And then if all goes well, I'll have a new gaming machine I can keep separated - figuratively and literally - from the home work computer and tiny relatives.

I won't even be keeping it at home, it'll rest at a friend's house so I can take advantage of the high speed wifi there. Also makes it easy to occasionally LAN and team up in any online games we both play.
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Read more... )

Long story short, I need a vacation from my relatives. And then to figure out what I was doing before this happened.
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Lots to say here, actually, but it all comes out as petty griping about events beyond my control, a long rant about Murphy's Law being the glue that holds my life together, and so on.

Long story short, my granddad's dead and what I thought was a small amount of spare money after this month's bills is now a plane ticket.
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  • 16:15 .@dolari Have I ever mentioned my theory of karma tubes? Good karma flows one way, and bad karma the other. #
  • 16:16 I hope to one day meet the person at the other end of my karma tube. And take revenge by switching the tube. #
LoudTwitter. I'm not sure I understand why.
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  • 01:18 .@SnowDono You did indeed call it. +5 prescience points. #

LoudTwitter. I'm not sure I understand why.
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  • 16:35 How many thousands of people have to have crappy lives for each person with a happy one? #

LoudTwitter. I'm not sure I understand why.
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  • 23:21 If at first you dont succeed, try again. Then quit. There's no use being a damn fool about it. - W.C. Fields #
  • 23:22 Winners never quit, and quitters never win, but those who never win and never quit are idiots. - ...I forget. #
  • 23:29 An optimist thinks this is the best possible world. A pessimist fears that this is true. #
  • 23:30 Okay, I need to stop now before I start to post my entire quotes file in this thing. #
LoudTwitter. I'm not sure I understand why.
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I've had this weekend planned up for not specifically jobhunting because some out of town friends are up for the weekend. (For their anniversary.)

Today their relatives got to them first, so I ended up at a different friend's house, who (a few days ago) succumbed to the pesterings of some mutual friends and tried out a free trial for World of Warcraft.

(I hate my dial-up.)

My day today was spent at his place while he was at work, making sure the installation of the full version went as expected, which it more or less did. It finished loading, downloading, installing, and whatever else at around 4:30pm. When he got home an hour later (where I was playing a bit on his still-a-test account) he paid for the full version of the basic non-upgraded WoW and proceeded to play on the server where the other people we know play on (a PvP server, incidentally.)

(I hate my dial-up.)

Good for him. It's rather a bit like the gaming we don't get to do up here anymore, since our group fell apart and moved to different areas of the country.

(I really hate that I can't get not-dial-up here. I mean it.)

Alas, my laptop (which was free [Yay! Thanks again, you-know-who-you-are]) is unfortunately insufficient to play WoW these days or I might play it a bit up there on weekends or something.

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I'd noticed that I've collected a few "memories" entries, so I thought I'd go through them and clean a few of them out. Some are mine, some are notable entries by other people I felt like keeping track of.

Finding out I couldn't read some of the ones of other people anymore - I guess they were moved to protected entries and I didn't notice - is a little disheartening. I remember some important points I meant to make note of later, and failed to get back to them. Oh well, I guess. I mean, what can I do, really? Some of those people no longer use LJ and I have no other way to contact them, and some of the posts are deleted - and in one case the entire journal is gone.

It's a bit frustrating, in several little ways.
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[ profile] jacel has gotten me into a game called Improbable Island. I think I'm going to play it for a bit. Even if:
"Your mount has been upgraded! You now ride Son of Budget Horse!
Also you're going to hell!"
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Gaming has fallen through again tonight. It's been between four and ten weeks since we've last actually played. Gettin' twitchy.
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When I get tired or out of it, certain styles of video games mix in my head. When Cave Story and Spelunky meet Mighty Bomb Jack with a temple from Adventure of Link and have to deal with a possessed Samus, I know I'm asleep. An eggplant wizard is a scary thing.
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  • 01:07 Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click - #
  • 01:09 Okay, maybe I should have thought twice about that one. I don't mind the cause, but the avatar change (in my case) is just...yikes. #
LoudTwitter. I'm not sure I understand why.
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  • 11:20 I'm supposed to be going to a friend's wedding, and can't contact my ride over. I have no idea where it is, and it starts in 40 minutes. #
  • 13:53 Within a minute of my posting that, I got a message from my ride. I went to meet him, and missed him by five minutes. #
  • 13:54 Got directions, it'll take 45-60 min to get out there from now. Should be just in time to help with clean up if traffic is good. #
LoudTwitter. I'm not sure I understand why.
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  • 20:26 I'm now fairly certain my house is in a dead zone for phones. Three types of providers have been proven useless so far. #

LoudTwitter. I'm not sure I understand why.
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  • 16:18 @dolari Ah, silly bodies. Mine prefers the 5am - 2pm schedule, itself. Such a lack of overnight/graveyard shift jobs. #

LoudTwitter. I'm not sure I understand why.

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