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*Cough* Jo-hari
and No-hari.
No one's used them at all...

I'm complexly simple, and massively dichotic. I use this term to refer to a dichotomy of self, in that I tend towards two opposing minds on many subjects. Actually, at least three, so make that trichotic.

I believe my genetic structure is poorly assembled, and don't want to pass my genes on. By example: I'm allergic to fresh fruit and vegetables. If they've been processed, they're fine. Can't eat bananas, can eat banana chips. Can drink apple juice, but not eat apples.
Example the second (the cooler example): The oils of my body have been known to eat through steel, given enough time. I went through at least eight pair of glasses frames before I switched to titanium and the problem went away. With some people, their skin reacts to the metal by being eaten away and turning green...with me, green gunk built up on the frames and ate at the metal.

I wish I'd kept at least one of the frames so as to study the phenomenon better...being a walking biochem lab could have benefits. I may have to get a steel bracer/bracelet/chain to wear to see if still works, and how long it takes.

I tend towards multiple personas, and a bit of disembodiment. A bit non-human, a lot of shapeshift. Also a lot of other things. Once in a while, the sense that there's a lot more than one or two or three people in here.

I can distinctly identify at least three souls in here that are entirely my own, 'home grown', after a fashion, and they're very different from each other. four other whole souls besides those, of various types. After that, there are two of what I'll call accreted souls, in that it feels like they were made of pieces of other souls, and joined together to form one single (and relatively 'normal', for a given value of normal) soul. Once there were more, but events cause change. I think I have an idea what it's like to be an apartment building.

I think I'm a spirit or soul magnet in that way, and it's getting crowded and more than a little confusing in here.

It some kind of a map - thing. I'd like people who claim me as a friend to point themselves out, if they're comfortable with it.

Interests I do have, but too many other people also have so I took them off my interests list: alchemy, anime, balance, books, cartoons, chaos, cheese, chrono trigger, cyberpunk, death, discworld, dragons, dreaming, dreams, excel saga, flatland, flcl, freefall, godzilla, homestar runner, life, madness, magic, manga, metaphysics, mmorpg, mmorpgs, order, otherkin, paul, psychonauts, reading, red dwarf, role playing, role-playing, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpgs, sci-fi, science fiction, shadow of the colossus, souls, suikoden, tenchi muyo, the moon, therianthropy, thinking, video games, vincent price, webcomics, weirdness, world of warcraft, xenogears
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