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Ha. As expected, more or less. Said bother-in-law is being watched in the hospital as a 51/50 (danger to himself and others, sorta.) As such, I'll be watching both of my nephews, the 3 and 5 year old tomorrow!

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The birthday's coming up. Everyone who knows about it on a conscious level (which makes for, including me, probably eight or nine people) is more concerned about it than I am. Most of them have no clue what I'd want, or what to get me. (One has me actually interested, and I expect to be surprised, actually.) My only real plans are to avoid theaters (I don't have to watch Pirates Sequel on the day it comes out, really.) and to write a will, or something equivalent. Make sure I've got recent photos, that sort of thing.

I mean, sure, there's a bunch of little things I'd like to have, that would basically distract me a little longer from life, one or two things I'd like that would help me actually have a life, and a far-flung wish or baker's dozen that would tremendously change my life (and the lives of those who've made an impression on me these last few years.)

What do I really expect? Maybe a card or three in bad taste, one or two that are thoughtful and meaningless, and trouble caused by the brother-in-law to move the attention somewhere else (and good riddance.)

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May. 12th, 2006 04:21 pm
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Well, how about that. 12 hours after my cat died, my computer monitor did as well. If all goes well, I'll have a new one by tuesday. If not, it may be next friday.
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There was a carpeted hallway, the walls had shelves filled with touristy video-game stuff. This was on the inside of a tourist/amusement park place, and this hall was the line to the exit. Yes, a line to the exit. It's not that the place wasn't good, it was fun, I knew somehow. The line was to get tickets showing you'd been there. After collecting so many, you could redeem them for...something.

Later (a different dream?) I was visiting a girl in the hospital, along with several of her friends and her mom. Everyone except me had skull extensions, sort of. Alien race? I was carrying...picture a big brown olive the size of a basketball, made of inch-thick rubber. Filled with blue jelly of some kind. That's what I had, a bag of jelly. As a gift for the sick girl.

Those are the bits I remember. Annoying, isn't it?
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I think the bugs in my place are getting too uppity, or else I just met a slightly suicidal one.

I was taking a quick shower to remove the excess chemical waste my skin produces, and was in the middle of washing my hair when a bug/spider* about as big as both my thumbs put together lands on my head, and proceeds to get caught in said hair, slip down my forehead, and step on my eye before falling off and scuttling away. It is still a bit itchy where it stepped on my eye.

*I couldn't tell which because it was too close when it was stepping on my eye, and it was too far away to see clearly on the floor. Yes, I'm more than a little nearsighted.

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