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Something actually out of the ordinary (for me) happened this week, so I thought I'd mention it and what I've been pondering as a side.

First up: My brother in law has died of cirrhosis of the liver with complications. Not too surprising, he drank a lot. Personally, I'm not too broken up about it, except for the next bit: he leaves behind his wife (my 29-year old sister) and three children (my two nephews, 7 and 5, and my niece, less than a year old.)

My parents and I were hoping he'd either get himself kicked out by her, or leave her on his own. He was not a nice person to her, but she loved him.


But no, he had to go in the way that would hurt her most.

Second Up: My grandmother had a stroke the very same day, nearly the same time as my sister's husband died, so far as we can tell. She's pretty much okay, we found out later; but it still put quite a scare into the family, even on top of someone we know dying.

What I've been doing: Looking for work, scraping together every penny I can to pay bills that won't stop even through the unemployment. (And without any unemployment benefits, until October at least.) Recently though, I've had a somewhat annoying lack of gaming happening for one reason or another, and my mind is turning to craft-like projects. Building a small foundry is in the planning, possibly with a small forge. We have a fair amount of scrap recyclable metal lying around, and given the time and materials, I might as well start trying to make something and see if I can make some money selling some homemade metalwork. If I can put together a foundry, that is. Not a lot here that'll work for that, and my budget is pretty much spoken for.

If the foundry takes too long to get the materials for, I can work with some leftover polymer clay (like Sculpey, but different) we've got around. I might be able to make something someone will think is worth buying with it.

If that doesn't seem to be working, I can scrounge up a chisel and hammer and work on the many many rocks around the place and see if I've any knack for sculpting stone. There's dozens of the things around here, dozens of them bigger than my head. I'll just have to see what I can do with what's around here.
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How to describe it all...well, it started with yet another dream...then some other stuff started happening irl... ) was your weekend?

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