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This is a smaller, lower-detailed write-up than the last one I did; I blame having to wait until evening before having time to write it down.

Anyway... )


Sep. 22nd, 2006 02:51 pm
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I've had pieces of this dream before, but this time all at once. I never saw how they all fit together before. Unfortunately, I've forgotten most of this over the days events...d'oh.
My viewpoint often floated away from 'me' (young, maybe 10-12 year old) in this one, too.
This one is...future/near-future/but-also-now. Without time travel. )


Sep. 15th, 2006 12:33 pm
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Had a couple dreams. (Actually, I had a couple the night before too, but I don't remember them very well. Something about tracking down and shooting at people, both of them.)

The first one takes place from the perspective of main-me.
First up, the mall. )
Something odd about it, but I'm not sure what to make of it.

This one takes place from the perspective of an extra personality by the name of Erdak, I suspect.
Second, the wildlife park. )

These last couple sets have been pretty draining. I'm waking up more tired than when I go to sleep.
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Had a dream, but the migraine I woke up with wiped most of it out.

There was baking involved. And magic that was never used as such, but was based on baking and distance running ability. Sometimes I had to use my hands to keep my speed up when running.


Jun. 23rd, 2006 11:22 am
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A couple of dreams, barely remembered.

Dream one: Swamp creatures. )

Odd? Perhaps.

Dream Second: Double world. )

That's it.
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There were corridors with side rooms that had little "challenges" like on some of those reality tv shows...such as slicing open a melon on a charging bull's horns and feeding the remnants to a vicious toothy plant. Another was some sort of...not-exactly zombies?...guarding a egyptian-style treasure? In the corridors was various merchandise for webcomics, mostly t-shirts.

A big one was putting on scuba equipment, and gathering up to three creatures that could breathe underwater. I remember something that looked - and was - almost human, a creature that was almost a badger, and something shaped like a manta ray. I do not remember the point of all of these challenges.

The creatures - who'll I'll dub the aquanids because they could all breathe water - were genetically engineered...pets? Not-quite-humans? Who were, for no adequately explained reason, seemingly better than humans, excluding that they had no ability to communicate audibly. They all had coloration oddities that pointed them out. The fuzzy ones tended to have brightly colored tongues, the manta-shaped ones (who could fly/glide as well as swim) were all one bright color, the humanoid ones all had a skin color not thus far found on humans naturally.

It's possible one of these was the prize.
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There was a carpeted hallway, the walls had shelves filled with touristy video-game stuff. This was on the inside of a tourist/amusement park place, and this hall was the line to the exit. Yes, a line to the exit. It's not that the place wasn't good, it was fun, I knew somehow. The line was to get tickets showing you'd been there. After collecting so many, you could redeem them for...something.

Later (a different dream?) I was visiting a girl in the hospital, along with several of her friends and her mom. Everyone except me had skull extensions, sort of. Alien race? I was carrying...picture a big brown olive the size of a basketball, made of inch-thick rubber. Filled with blue jelly of some kind. That's what I had, a bag of jelly. As a gift for the sick girl.

Those are the bits I remember. Annoying, isn't it?
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Over the last week, I've had probably six or seven dreams a night. Big ones, strong ones, ones that were touching...some that expanded the weirdness horizon.

And it was horrible. A great loss. Every single one cut through the memories of the one before it, leaving only their impact on me. Last night, I only had the one dream (which I don't remember very well), and it was Morrowind-ish. I think finally knew understood what the Dwemer were up to as a species.

I need to go mourn the lost dreams for a while.
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How to describe it all...well, it started with yet another dream...then some other stuff started happening irl... ) was your weekend?
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Whatever is this world coming to?

This one was a bit different. )

So there it is. Still no relevance to reality, so far as I understand both the dream and reality.
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This dream I had. )

I'm always annoyed when I can't remember all of a dream.
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Had a dream, a repeat this time. Of a dream I'd had before, forgotten about, and didn't write down. And now the interview has knocked a bit out, too.

And now, the dream. Bits of it, at least. )

The job interview went well, and i suspect I could even stand doing it for a few months. I don't know if I'd go much past that though.
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This is one I don't remember how it started...
The dream continues this way )

I actually had this one this morning, but wasn't able to get it onto the comp until
just now. (Thanks, family-members-who-must-play-card-games-and-solitare-for-hours-on-end.)

Edit )
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First off, I should say that this was a strange feeling dream. Things that were out of place, and should have been commented on by others, were taken in stride, as though I was the only one who thought they were out of the ordinary.

...and it was my dream. )

I'd actually had this dream once before, but a few of the details were different.

The Outtakes )

This dream really hit me, and felt like a really happy-yet-sad experience.

It doesn't touch [ profile] masstreble's dream involving Sparrow, but this still hit me in the heartstrings.

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