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Technology. Following the laws revealed by science to explore reality using its own rules.
Magic. Letting us break those rules when science can't find a way on its own. Can also be subject to scientific analysis, but it still doesn't work for just anyone.
Not even those who've studied both science and magic all their lives can say why.

It's a simplistic explanation, but it's worked so far.

How they met, who they are, and what they think they're doing. In no particular order. )
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Note: I left out of this story a small puffball I called Sasquatch and the others called Buttons, since it made no real difference to the events of this proceeding.

Mr. Drab avoids dying again. )
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Yes, Mr. Drab. We finally started our Silver Age Sentinels game, and that's my character. He has no real secret identity to protect, either. I had nothing better for a name of a 'heroic' character with low personality and almost-standard 'superpowers.'

From the notes of Mr. Drab )
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Going to cancel the Kaider story before it begins... Seems the GM is dropping it for personal reasons, which is that he wants to run something else instead. Ah well. Maybe I'll write that up instead. Looks to be a Silver Age Sentinels game.
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Okay, decided to do a write-up of character happenings from the game I'm playing in.

First, I suppose I should make some notes on who I am. )

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