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Seriously, I might have to just start a bloggish thing somewhere else to avoid clogging up my admittedly barely-used LJ with all this Homestuck stuff.

Anyway, seeing as I finally had reliable internet today, I could see the comic from 11/11/11 onward. So I did, and let things percolate in my brain and mind, and let the thoughts go for a while.

...what? Skyrim's the big 11/11/11 thing? No, I don't think so. I don't plan to pay that kind of money for a game again unless it lasts me at least as long as Morrowind did. And by that measure, I didn't get my money's worth out of Oblivion, even though I'd gotten all the DLC for for (effectively) free. From the looks of things, I don't think Skyrim will hold up to my expectations.

...wait, it's a sort of war memorial remembrance day? Why haven't I heard about this before now, then?

I'm starting to think there's a lot of crap several different people are trying to shovel out. I shall research things, and find out what's the crap and what's the not-crap.
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In Homestuck (yes, again) there's a spot where you can see Guybrush Threepwood tossed in seemingly at random in [S] Seer: Ascend. Look for him (tiny, but noticeable) in the reddish sea after the dragon sets the ships on fire. Bottom left corner.

I didn't notice at all until it was pointed out to me today. (Totally failed that spot check.)
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Just heard "Word Disassociation" for the first time in months. When the phrase "Spidery concubine" came up, I thought of Vriska and had to start bashing my skull against rocks.
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First notice: The following may or may not make sense to anyone besides myself as I type this. I'll try to make it so that - if I read this later - it'll make sense to future-me. No guarantees. Everything here pertains to Homestuck.

Spoilers in the area. )

More will follow as I think things up, that I don't see other people mention first. Given that I don't spend much time on that forum, there's a lot I don't see people say about it.

Finally, a quote from the MSPA forum:

Q: When has Homestuck ever made sense?

A: Always.
As I've been explaining to a friend, the 'confusing' things are simply plot points that haven't resolved yet; the difference between 'confusing' and 'elaborate' is forethought. A confusing story (i.e. Lost) throws out plot points simply to attract attention, and leaves the writers scrambling to resolve everything later. An elaborate story sets up all of its dominoes early on, setting up more and more and more until it finally tips one over and a great mural celebrating ethnic diversity spreads out before you in black and white.
To complete the analogy, the writer of a confusing story sets up small sections of dominoes; when he realizes that they're about to hit a dead end, he has to scramble to set up more, never showing a larger plan.
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It's been a while since I've posted anything here. It's also been a while since I've caught up on the Homestuck comic. (Years, on that one. I think. Certainly a few thousands of pages.)

Seems like every few pages, every few dozen maybe, something happens that is so over-the-top insane (in my favorite style of insane!) that it blows the last crazy thing they did out of the everything else.

And I'm barely halfway through the archives, if the pagecount means anything.

As I type this, I'm listening to a sequence where the Sburb game is being loaded for the second time. By Rose and Dave, I think. (Took a while to load, or I'd be watching it. I can only imagine how far awesome it'll be by the time I reach today's comic.)

Edit minutes later: Yep. Mind blown by that sequence. If I'm missing plotholes, they're pretty well hidden, methinks. Things fitting together scary impressive.

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