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Ha. As expected, more or less. Said bother-in-law is being watched in the hospital as a 51/50 (danger to himself and others, sorta.) As such, I'll be watching both of my nephews, the 3 and 5 year old tomorrow!

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The birthday's coming up. Everyone who knows about it on a conscious level (which makes for, including me, probably eight or nine people) is more concerned about it than I am. Most of them have no clue what I'd want, or what to get me. (One has me actually interested, and I expect to be surprised, actually.) My only real plans are to avoid theaters (I don't have to watch Pirates Sequel on the day it comes out, really.) and to write a will, or something equivalent. Make sure I've got recent photos, that sort of thing.

I mean, sure, there's a bunch of little things I'd like to have, that would basically distract me a little longer from life, one or two things I'd like that would help me actually have a life, and a far-flung wish or baker's dozen that would tremendously change my life (and the lives of those who've made an impression on me these last few years.)

What do I really expect? Maybe a card or three in bad taste, one or two that are thoughtful and meaningless, and trouble caused by the brother-in-law to move the attention somewhere else (and good riddance.)
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As I get ready to sleep and prepare for working on my birthday tomorrow, I note and leave this link here, because I don't have time or "eyes-stay-open-power" for more than this right now.

Mech for sale! Fund the research!

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