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Things I've learned from games that apply to this apparent so-called real life:

Firstly and most importantly:
Dwarf Fortress: There are many many ways to lose, but other than personal goals, there is no real way to win - not yet at least. So try to learn how to have fun losing, it's only getting more complex from here.*
- Sometimes, even if you do everything right, you'll still lose.

Hungry Hungry Hippos: While some gather things to 'win' or to have the highest score, others gather things just so that others won't be able to.

Various multiplayer (massively and otherwise) online games: There are three prime motivators to most people - boredom, messing in other people's business, and sex. (Also, thanks to Phil Foglio and his comic Buck Godot: Zap Gun For Hire for pointing out the obvious fourth one - food.) What these motivate people to do, however, depends on the individual concerned.
- Some people are just jerks. There's no getting around it. But some people are also nice. Sometimes these are the same people, though, depending on the circumstances.

Dark Cloud 2: Amazing ideas can come from the most unexpected sources.

Dragon Warrior and Dragon Warrior 2: One person can be good at anything they do, but that doesn't mean they'll succeed at what they set out to do. Also, they're not necessarily going to be the best at what they do.

WAR! (Atari 2600 game): All things being equal, he who is sneakiest and/or luckiest and/or finds a way around the usual rules will come out on top.

Monopoly: While things no one has control over makes a huge difference in how everything goes, a bit of planning can make a difference.

Star Control II: It's a big universe out there, and there's no way to explore it all in one lifetime. Not as things are, anyway. Keep a good sense of humor handy.

Diablo 2: Just because you put something down, don't expect it to be there five minutes later.

Morrowind: If it's a clear, comfortable night, take some time for stargazing sometimes. It might not accomplish much, but it can be nice sometimes.

The Neverhood: Your choices are important.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness: It's possible to get so caught up in preparing things, that one loses sight of one's actual goals.

Legend of Zelda (series): If you do something well, you may well be called upon to keep on doing it for what seems like multiple lifetimes.

Dark Cloud: Keep some water handy, dehydration sucks.

Eversion: The journey to the destination can change you, or at least your perspective.

Kingdom of Loathing: It's a weird world out there. Even the strangest things can seem normal, though - given enough time.

Cave Story: Sometimes, stopping to help is not the right thing to do. Sometimes.

* Come to think of it, there's a lot of games like this. Perhaps I'm a slow learner.

There's more, I'm certain. I'll try and add them in as I think of them.
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Does anyone else notice a thematic similarity between this most recent XKCD comic and this Cyanide and Happiness comic from last June?

There's a sort of feeling of vindication, a sort of vengeance of the "I told you so," or "See? I was right. You all laughed, and I was right all along," by deed instead of taunting word.

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