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At some time during this past month, at some hour or other, I finally decided to tak the advice of several people and start looking into getting certified for massage therapy. I've had some practice at it (mostly on one back, but hey) for over 15 years now, so I should be at least decent at it. The trick seems to be finding a place where I can get certified, and then how much it'll be costing. The cheaper places (less than $5000) seem to be nowhere near here.

In other news, today, for no real reason that makes sense to me, my right leg, starting at just above the knee and going all the way down from there, has decided to hurt slightly, but in such a way that I know that if I put all my weight on it, or lean in a particular way, I'll fall over. I know this because this happens to various limbs of mine at seemingly-random times.

In yet other news, I can see outlines to a happy future for myself now.
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Now attempting a online game known as Seed. Imagine, a MMOPRG with no combat? I wonder how it'll work for me....

Oh yeah.


May. 7th, 2006 12:45 pm
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In the words of one [ profile] elynne, "Sometimes, life does imitate Monty Python."
The cheese shop comes to mind, twistily.
The phrase "unstable quantum singularity" also made a cameo.
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I just wasn't at home to find the collected memes, okay?
Yeah, about that...meh, nevermind. )

In other news, I get a tax refund this year, unlike last year! And for the first time ever, I get a refund from both federal and state! Nofoolin'!

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