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It's time for another rambling, meandering review!

I've been playing this game for a couple weeks now, recommended by a friend-type person who I know by face. It's a 2D space shooter, mostly mouse-driven with a few keyboard commands for extra ease. It is not to be confused with another game of the same title, this one is being run by BigPoint instead of someone else. Why am I reviewing this game, out of the several BigPoint has?
A - This one I can play with dial-up.
2 - It's not so complicated (read: spreadsheets required) or time-sucking (read: items degrade in real days or weeks) as the others.
ยบ - I actually know a couple people playing this one.

This is a bit much. Where to begin... )

There you have it, a rather ambiguous game-going-over. I'm not personally very fond of the game, and if I'm playing it without others I know, it's out of habit and having nothing else to do. If the people I know stop playing, I'll stop as well. There's really not much to the game. If it was just me, I wouldn't even have started thanks to the high and nigh-unstoppable pvp elements.

My rating for this game: Oscar Mayer Balogna.
Interpretation: Expensive and brand-name, but it's still baloney.

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