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Well, my dad has plans going to go to Oklahoma in mid-June to help his mom and sister with his very-beyond Alzheimer's dad for about a week.

Me, I get to pick whether to go with him or not. And I need to choose soon.

By friday, in fact. )
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Over the last week, I've had probably six or seven dreams a night. Big ones, strong ones, ones that were touching...some that expanded the weirdness horizon.

And it was horrible. A great loss. Every single one cut through the memories of the one before it, leaving only their impact on me. Last night, I only had the one dream (which I don't remember very well), and it was Morrowind-ish. I think finally knew understood what the Dwemer were up to as a species.

I need to go mourn the lost dreams for a while.
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Been thinking on a few things. Sometimes, being a person who feels almost nothing can be quite useful, as I've demonstrated to myself at funerals, and I imagine there'd be some benefits at disasters, too. It can makes other times boring, like birthdays, weddings, and parties, regardless of the company.

On other occasions, having little/no emotional responses can really drag a being down. A few days ago, I had a nice, deep conversation with someone I hadn't really talked with before, and we were getting along very well, which I think was kind of a unusual experience for the both of us, given how long we chatted. (I think the term 'nice and creepy' was how we agreed it could be called.) I actually felt things once or twice, in itself a rare event at this particular time.

I hope we can talk again, but I'm never sure what's to talk about and what isn't.
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