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The birthday's coming up. Everyone who knows about it on a conscious level (which makes for, including me, probably eight or nine people) is more concerned about it than I am. Most of them have no clue what I'd want, or what to get me. (One has me actually interested, and I expect to be surprised, actually.) My only real plans are to avoid theaters (I don't have to watch Pirates Sequel on the day it comes out, really.) and to write a will, or something equivalent. Make sure I've got recent photos, that sort of thing.

I mean, sure, there's a bunch of little things I'd like to have, that would basically distract me a little longer from life, one or two things I'd like that would help me actually have a life, and a far-flung wish or baker's dozen that would tremendously change my life (and the lives of those who've made an impression on me these last few years.)

What do I really expect? Maybe a card or three in bad taste, one or two that are thoughtful and meaningless, and trouble caused by the brother-in-law to move the attention somewhere else (and good riddance.)
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Okay, change day is over, I hope. I've made a livejournal account. I've installed a Firefox browser, with that add-on that changes the name (which is currently the Mozilla Lightningfrog) and a couple others that might be useful. I'm even awake in the morning, which is normally impossible for me, even though it is because I went to bed at 3:00 am and just tossed and turned until 7:00 am, and then got up and finished my homework.

Oh yeah, I'm attending ITT, in Rancho Cordova, California. If you're thinking of attending the ITT there, DON'T GO. Seriously. Some, or even most, might be worth the time, money, and effort, but this one must be an experimental one, because it just doesn't work. I've talked to a couple people who've come here from different ITT's, and they say it should be a lot better than this. I think it's experimental, and that we're undergoing some bad experiments right now. Like the books, and possibly two or three of the curriculums (curriculii? curriclua? ...whatever.) But, enough of that.

Let's see...I'm 27, and am annoyed. If I think too much about certain things, I just get disturbed and annoyed. Whether we're talking politics and religion or the effectiveness of those little roadside safety barriers or the current-event news.

So blah, or something. I'll post up a dream or two later on, if I remember them, and maybe some others if I find the ones I already wrote down then lost the papers. I'm just writing this now to get something up here besides a blank page.

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