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I've had this weekend planned up for not specifically jobhunting because some out of town friends are up for the weekend. (For their anniversary.)

Today their relatives got to them first, so I ended up at a different friend's house, who (a few days ago) succumbed to the pesterings of some mutual friends and tried out a free trial for World of Warcraft.

(I hate my dial-up.)

My day today was spent at his place while he was at work, making sure the installation of the full version went as expected, which it more or less did. It finished loading, downloading, installing, and whatever else at around 4:30pm. When he got home an hour later (where I was playing a bit on his still-a-test account) he paid for the full version of the basic non-upgraded WoW and proceeded to play on the server where the other people we know play on (a PvP server, incidentally.)

(I hate my dial-up.)

Good for him. It's rather a bit like the gaming we don't get to do up here anymore, since our group fell apart and moved to different areas of the country.

(I really hate that I can't get not-dial-up here. I mean it.)

Alas, my laptop (which was free [Yay! Thanks again, you-know-who-you-are]) is unfortunately insufficient to play WoW these days or I might play it a bit up there on weekends or something.

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I'm out of World of Warcraft.

A: By the time I'd download current updates, the next one would be out.
B: I can't afford as much as another month, in time or money costs.
C: Bad connection is even worse. Not due to ISP, it's the quality of the phone lines.

That is all on that front.
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Nothing to see here. Go about your business, if you have any. )

Edit-In other news, I did the school thing, listing one of my middle schools and my high school. If, from this, you know who I am, best luck to you.

Also, just noticed I got my first "friend" who I hadn't friended first! However, [ profile] toonishvulpine's journal seems a bit sparse, so I guess I'll have to wait to see what the personage is like.
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Amazing. )


Aug. 16th, 2005 07:37 pm
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I had a really nasty last week, and decided to write on it saturday morning. On friday, I picked up a video game magazine, I forget (don't care) which. It had a dvd with a World of Warcraft 'demo' (10-day trial, 20 lvl/10gold limit.) I spent the first three days (straight through, yes, all 72+ hours) downloading the patches.

I am about to play, probably for the rest of the week with any time off I have.
From the looks of recent things, I shall probably be playing on Feathermoon. Be on the lookout for either a gnomish mage or a NE druid.
(Or maybe gnome warrior, or dwarf rogue, or tauren something-or-other, or troll many descisions for new person...)

You know what? Forget it. )
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The Spark is wondering, that out of the people that reads this (and I read more than just the people who read mine, of course), who plays games online? Which games do you play, and if servers/shards/worlds/etc. are involved, which ones do you play on?

Sparksol wishes to know this information, that the Spark has a better chance of playing with someone known to the Spark. Sparks doesn't know why Spark is speaking third person.

Games Sparksol Plays )

Edit: Found a neat game some of you may have already heard of.
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