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Here's a list of stocks that did amazingly good over the next few years. Here's a book telling you about stocks and how to get someone to do the investing for you through the mail. Don't bother with drafting, stick to the engineering program. Also don't bother with that remote control Voltron, it's not worth five bucks, let alone what it costs. (Seriously, it's got a wire attached that's maybe five feet long.) And if you can't get someone to do the stocks thing...well. Either way actually, life is gonna suck for the next ten or fifteen years at least.

Any questions for me?
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[Error: unknown template qotd]On the large scale, Some instant or high speed transport/mobility thing. Portal gun, teleporting, running so fast I can dash over the water for miles without getting tired. But then for that last one I'd also need a way to carry a bunch of stuff.

Smaller scale...hmm. Either never needing to fill the gas tank/battery/other power source for my vehicle, or never getting stuck in traffic or long red lights.
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"Was there someone external responsible for what I dreamed, or was it all me?"
(Is there someone I get to berate for what I went through, or do I have only myself to blame?)

"Is there a real life waiting for me now, or is this some sort of rest or debriefing period and I have to go back under soon for the next phase of testing?"
(Is the experiment over now, or ongoing?)

"What happens next?"
(According to you. I hope for your sake you've planned something nice, or things will get unpleasant for everyone involved with this.)

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