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Nothing like a job hunt to put a big dent in a good mood.
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Again, today I was sent home from work by the boss for smelling. Admittedly, it had only been three hours since I'd showered and put the deoderant on, but still.

If anyone else in the office thinks I smell, they won't admit it. Others I've asked don't think I stink. (Or won't tell me I do.) And there's not much more I can do about my smell, other than using the bottle of Febreeze sitting in the office. And if it is pheromones, as some have suggested, there's just as little I can do about that. Once I get my medical number again, I'll ask a doctor about this. If nothing comes up, I'll take it that boss is trying to get me to quit.
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Mister Boss-guy is gone until Tuesday, I can finally relax just enough to feel like no one's watching over my shoulder constantly. ...*tenses up*...what's about to happen?
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Got sent home after a half hour of work. For being stinky.

Okay, either boss-guy has super-sensitive sense o' smell enough to smell me from a room away when both rooms are air-conditioned, he can see smells (or my odor is so bad it can be seen), or something else is up and he's too polite (ha) to fire me.

I mean, sure, I didn't shower this morning, we had no water (our well stopped last night, just as I finished my shower). I explained this.

Natural. What the foobar? )

I begin search for other employment. If my B.O. is worse than ever and the problem, I'll know it soon. If not, is firing because of personal scent a form of discrimination?
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(This should be in yesterday, but I wan't able to get online.)

Okay, so the guy who is the boss-guy's brother-in-law no longer works at the place. I don't know why, or whether it was a quitting or firing or what, but this leaves me as the only full-time drafter there. Given the impression I get of their expectations vs my abilities, this strikes me as a bad thing. This also makes as many people stopping working there as I've been there in months. I hope boss-guy's not seeing me as some kind of ace-in-the-hole, as I'm more a joker. And the dealer changes my value with every card dealt.

I have three words - in alphabetical order, no less - to describe how I feel about things at this point.
"Rats" "Ship" and "Sinking". If this seems confusing, well, tough.
Maybe I'm just too stubborn, but I keep waiting to see what happens next here. (Maybe because I've still got a paycheck at this point?)


Apr. 2nd, 2005 08:38 pm
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That third person they'd hired since I've been working there? Fired. The remaining peoples:
1. The boss-guy, who's in half the time and thinks I'm ugly and stink.
2. Manager-person, who works six feet away from me.
3. "Office-manager", just around the corner.
4. Me.
#. Technically, the union peoples who do the outdoor portion of work but don't work for the company, whom the boss-guy spends the other half of his time with.

By tax day, #4 will be missing from this list.


Mar. 11th, 2005 11:47 am
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I worked for about an hour and a half today, then my coworker-turned-supervisor (he'd be my manager, but he only manages me) gave me a note:

1. You're not fired.
2. Quietly pack your stuff for the weekend and meet me outside.

Having done so, I was told to go home. Long story short, the main boss-guy thinks I'm ugly and smell funny. I should have known it would happen as soon as I wrote that in the recent entry....

Short story long... )

I'll go get a haircut. It's about time for that anyway.

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